2016 Fall Teams (U10-U15)

US Soccer Mandates beginning fall 2016:
The US Youth Soccer Association has established several new mandates effective August 1, 2016. One of these mandates is a change in the registration age brackets. The new age brackets are based on the player's birth YEAR rather than birth month. This is consistent with the other 208 FIFA countries that register youth players by their year of birth. Players born between January 1 and December 31 in any given year will be registered in the same age bracket, regardless of their grade in school or birth month. 

Jimmy was born in 2006 - he is registered as a U11 player
Susie was born in 2007 - she is registered as a U10 player

All 2016 Fall teams will be compiled by birth year. Some teams may be co-ed depending on the number of registrations. Age groups will be combined and teams will be registered as U10, U12, U15. We do not honor team placement requests. It is the DUSC Board's responsibility to comply with ISA roster limits and also ensure that each team has a sufficient number of subs for safe play. 

Sara Peterson,
Jul 28, 2016, 2:57 PM